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Chihuahua or muffin?

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Computer Vision help with echocardiography?

This internet collage demonstrates the alarming resemblance shared between Chihuahuas and muffins that cause Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Computer Vision platforms to struggle.

Using recent advances in computer vision algorithms, many of which have been applied to facial recognition 😳 and self-driving 🚗 cars, researchers have developed the first pipeline that automates key aspects of echocardiogram interpretation, including identifying views, delineating individual cardiac chambers, making common measurements of structure and function, and detecting specific diseases.

For at least a while, it's likely that an experienced #paediatriccardiologist directly unertaking an #echocardiogram (or heart scan) themselves is the gold-standard for assessment (although a muffin may help them reach a diagnosis!)

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