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Welcome to Kids Cardiologist 

Dr Shankar Sridharan a Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist specialising in the diagnosis, treatment care of all types of heart problems affecting a baby, child or teenagers. 
His NHS practice is based at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.
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Dr Shankar Sridharan is a London Paediatric Cardiologist specialising in diagnosis of a baby heart murmur, child heart murmur, child chest pain, palpitations and holes in the heart 

Amazing care

Our aim is to provide amazing private

paediatric cardiac care to help your child. We harness the best skill, knowledge and unparalleled technical capability

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More than a child heart specialist..

 What do real parents say?

What do the kids actually say?

What makes the best paediatric cardiologist?

Amazing care

 Baby heart doctor

 I specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and

on-going care of all types of heart disease affecting babies, children and teenagers (including holes in the heart such as ASD’s

and VSD’s, child chest pain, valve problems

and all complex forms of structural heart disease).

Baby heart doctor

Real reviews

Real reviews
What other Dr's say

Reviews from other Drs / clinicians

-who would your doctor go to?

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What the Kids say 

We often hear from parents- but what do the actual kids think?

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What parents say

Real reviews from the parents and families about the baby heart Dr.

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Most parents would like to know that their doctor is smart as well as Human. Most kids would like to know that Dr Sridharan is the best super-hero and kind. Most Drs know who they would got to if their baby or child needed the top London Paediatric Cardiologist.


London Hospitals

Private care at the Bupa Cromwell, HJE, Harley Street, GOSH and the Portland. 

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London Hospitals

If you have a child with a heart problem or concerns regarding a possible cardiac issue and are considering private care, I welcome any enquiries and I can be contacted by email, or via my practice manager Cathy on 07428 133489.

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Great Ormond Street 
HJE front.jpg
Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth
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Bupa Cromwell Hospital
The Team

The Team

Congenital heart disease in a baby or child may be best managed in the clinic without the need for interventional procedures or child heart surgery.


As a Great Ormond Street Cardiologist, if these are required, I am fortunate to work with the best team as part of my London paediatric cardiology practice. The care plan created will provide direct access to the top paediatric interventional and best paediatric heart surgeons in the country.

Together with my cardiology colleagues, we provide a full programme of cardiology care for baby's and children.

If you have a child with a heart problem or concerns regarding a possible cardiac issue and are considering the private care, I welcome any enquiries & I can be contacted by via my practice manager Cathy on 07428 133489.

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